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Since its inception in 1977, APCTT has been disseminating technological information and assisting member countries in developing and deploying mechanisms to exchange technological information relevant to national policy-makers, small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) and technology transfer intermediaries in the Asia-Pacific region. Dissemination of technological information is a key function of APCTT. It started with the publication of bimonthly Asia-Pacific Technology Digest and Asia-Pacific Technology News. These two periodicals were merged into one in the year 1983, and, since then it is being published as the Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor. Annually about 2,500 printed copies of Tech Monitor were circulated in about 77 countries around the world.

Having identified the need to provide sectoral-oriented technological information, APCTT initiated publication of the bimonthly Value Added Technology Information Services (VATIS) Update series from the year 1993. A bimonthly Update is now being published in each of the following sectors - Waste Management, Food Processing, Non-conventional Energy, Ozone Layer Protection and Biotechnology in partnership with government, national institutions, or international agencies. Annually, about 5,000 printed copies of VATIS Updates were circulated in more than 70 countries around the world. In addition to the print-version of Tech Monitor and VATIS Updates, to enhance their outreach by leveraging the internet, APCTT has been providing access to the contents free of cost since the year 2003.

As recommended by the Governing Council of APCTT, effective from the September-October 2008 issues, both the Tech Monitor and VATIS Update series have now been made completely web-based and can be accessed and downloaded free of cost from this website. During the past few years, APCTT has also brought out several e-guidebooks and e-reports, on themes that are of contemporary relevance to SMEs. They have also been made accessible through this website. Continuing with our more than three decades old endeavor of disseminating technological information in a cost-effective way, we shall continue to provide visitors to the website free access to e-publications aimed at strengthening the technological capabilities of SMEs in the region.

Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor
The Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor has remained from a long time as a prime information carrier of APCTT to reach out to small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and national policy makers. Published for the past 27 years, Tech Monitor is now a web-based, on-line, bi-monthly journal featuring articles which provide up-to-date information on trends in technology development and transfer, technology policies and related issues, and new products and processes for the benefit of SMEs in Asia and the Pacific countries. As of 2009, APCTT has published 160 issues of the Tech Monitor with each issue focusing on a special theme. Experts of national and international repute contribute articles on the special themes. The range of topics that have been covered include, Science and technology (S&T) policy, sustainable development of SMEs, technology transfer, innovation management, knowledge management, research and development (R&D) management, intellectual property rights, technology financing, technology/business incubation and start-up venture creation, advanced technology (nanotechnology, biotechnology, ICT, etc), traditional/rural technology, environmental/waste management, new and renewable energy, energy management, climate change, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), disaster management, and women entrepreneurship. The Yellow Pages provide structured information on technology opportunities facilitating contacts between potential partners. The ‘Business Coach’ section is aimed at promoting innovation and assisting firms who are at various stages of transforming innovations to products or services. It also carries short articles providing useful how-to-guides and tips on start-up venture creation, venture financing, managing innovation, technology transfer and green productivity.

VATIS Updates
Since 1993, APCTT has been bringing out five bimonthly VATIS Updates on Waste Management, Food Processing, Non-conventional Energy, Ozone Layer Protection and Biotechnology. To date, nearly 480 VATIS Update publications have been brought out disseminating information on the latest technological innovations and events taking place around the world. Annually, VATIS Updates disseminate information on more than 1,800 technological developments and events from more than 35 countries around the world. The key features of the VATIS Update series are packaging of information in a capsule form and facilitation of direct access to information sources, wherever possible. The technological information on the latest technological innovations and events are identified and retrieved from a variety of resources, including the print media, relevant websites and direct communication through electronic mail. Three of the VATIS Updates are published with the support and cooperation of specialized institutions. Ozone Layer Protection is published with support from the Ozone Cell of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Waste Management and Biotechnology are co-published with GTZ-Advisory Services in Environmental Management and the Biotech Consortium of India Limited (BCIL), respectively. At present, about 2,500 printed copies of VATIS Update: Ozone Layer Protection are circulated among stakeholders working on the phasing out of ozone depleting substances in India.

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