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Technology Market :Strengthening IT –powered SME-oriented Technology Transfer Mechanisms in the Asia Pacific Region: Manual, 2008

Business Asia Network : IT-powered SME-oriented Technology Transfer Mechanism: Promoting Technology based Business Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region: Manual, 2008

National Innovation Systems (NIS) in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2005

Managing Innovation for the New Economy: Training Manual, 2002 Volume 1: How to Guide & Quick reference materials Volume 2: Articles & Lectures

Expert Group Meeting on Promotion of New Forms of Financing for Transfer, Development and Application of Environmentally Sound Technologies, 2000

Human Resources Development for Information Technology, 2000

Regional Cooperative Policy Mechanism for the Transfer, Financing & Management of Environmentally Sound Technology, 2000

Regional Capacity-building for the Adoption of ISO-14000 and Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology: Training Manual, 2000

Small Rural Industries in the Asia Pacific Region: Enhancement of Competitiveness of Small Rural Industries in a Liberalized Economic Environment and the Impact on Poverty Alleviation, 2000

Technology Transfer and Technological Capability-building in Asia and the Pacific Volume 1: Big Countries and Developed Economies, 1999 Volume 2: ASEAN, NIEs, SAARC and the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1999 Volume 3: Least Developed and Pacific Island Countries and Economies in Transition, 1999 Volume 4: Emerging Issues in Regional Technological Capability-building and Technology Transfer, 1999

Rural Industrialization as a Means of Poverty Alleviation: Report of the Regional Seminar on the Enhancement of Partnerships among Governmental, Non-Governmental and Private Sector Entities for the Promotion of Rural Industrialization for Poverty Alleviation, 1999

Institutional Development for Investment Promotion and Technology Transfer, 1999

Ozone Depletion Substances Phase-out Technologies: Problems & Issues on Technology Transfer, Absorption and Generation, 1998

Development and Utilization of S&T Indicators: Emerging Issues in Developing Countries of the ESCAP Region, 1998

Rural Industrialization and Introduction of Science & Technology into the Rural Areas, 19981

ODS Phase-Out: A Guide for Industry, 1998

Proceedings of the Consultative Meeting on Technology Management Education and Training for Developing Countries, 1997

On-line Instrumentation in Pulp, Paper, Leather & Food Processing Industries, 1997

Renewable Energy Applications - PV, Wind and Small Hydro: Proceedings of the International Workshop, 1996

Application and Extension of the Technology Atlas: Reports of the National Seminar and Advisory Missions on Application and Extension of the Technology Atlas, 1996

Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies, Cooperation & Capacity- building: A Study Report, 1996

Regional Cooperation on the Adoption of ISO 9000 Series, 1996

Women Entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka - A Case Study Book, 1995

Proceedings of Seminar on Environmentalist Business Management, 1995

Proceedings of the Workshops to Assist the Small Scale Industry in Technology Acquisition and Modernisation, 19941

101 Environmental Friendly Technologies, 1993

Poverty Alleviation through Technological Capacity Building, 1996

Technology Transfer Contracts based on FIDIC Standards, 1991

Technology for Development: Can you Afford to be a By-stander ?, 1989

A Guide to Technology Information Service, 1986

Country Studies on Technology Policies and Planning - Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam


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