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Turkey approves five biotech traits

On July 16, 2015, the Biosafety Board of Turkey approved five biotech traits on genetically engineered feed imports. The Board approved 3 corn (MIR604 corn, MON 863 corn, T25 corn) and 2 soybean (MON87701 soybean and MON87701xMON89788 soybean) events and their products for feed use only. The announcement also included a decision regarding an amendment on ‘The rules of packaging, carrying, conservation and transferring” for the purpose of preventing contamination.

On May 11, 2015, the Turkish Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders Association (Besd-Bir) submitted dossi-ers to the Biosafety Board to request approval for 38 traits (9 soybean, 15 corn, 4 canola, and 10 cotton) for feed use only. The Biosafety Board reviewed the applications under the simplified procedure, which was an expedited review process. While the five traits listed have been approved, the remaining traits are still un-dergoing risk and socio-economic assessments. The decision marks the first biotech trait approvals since 2011 when the Turkish Biosafety Board approved 16 corn events and 3 soybean events.

The Turkish private sector views the trait approvals as a quick but temporary and partial fix to ongoing prob-lems facing Turkish imports of genetically engineered feed items. The approvals should help facilitate the release of shipments that have been detained due to “contamination” with these unapproved events. In the short run, the decision will have a positive effect mostly on South American soybean and meal imports due to the production and shipping season but eventually all origins will benefit. However, the prob-lems with feed imports will not be fully resolved until all of the events are approved.


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